FM is On!

One film that was not part of the Cinema 3320 was “FM”, a musical calvacade of 1960’s counter culture expressed in the 1970’s. The fight for rock and roll, free airwaves and the push back against growing corporate overreach.   This film lead to the develop on WKRP in Cincinnati, an impactful TV show that made music lovers reconnect with FM radio int he 1980’s.  The film launched the careers of many unique talent like:

Here is more about the film:  &

The rock culture put forth and followed by FM proves that fans or listener can be engaged to find kinship with content that represents their values. Thus the success of  WKRP can be drawn from the irrelevance championed in FM.  In Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction (Penguin Press) music is used as guide for design how items or issues in our world become popular.

Also check this out…


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